Alexis Control HUB + Cubase 5

Hello there.
Just bought Alesis Control Hub.
I want to use it on MacBook PRO with Cubase 5.
The problem is that when i load any VST i starts a noise !!
Any help will be appreciate.
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting!

    You'll have to explain this a little further. What is the noise like? Is it just static? I assume this is noise that you're getting from speakers attached to the Control Hub? Do you hear the same noise in the headphone output?

    Make sure to test this with other software like iTunes or another media player and see if you get any noise. A lot of VST plugins these days emulate analog gear and will often generate noise to make them sound more authentic. Make sure to turn down any noise settings in the plugin.

    Let me know!
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