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Alexis strike crash problem

i've purchased an alexis strike kit recently
however i'm having some issue with the crash
when i try to sound it it doesn't respond or it respond sometimes.
ill add a video showing the problem. sorry for the language but its italian :=).
anyone can help me telling if its the crash or the module that have some problems?
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  • need to set the cymbals correctly..
    Your cymbals are aimed in the wrong direction..and you are hitting areas outside the triggering zone or just the hotspot(LOGO) and you won't be to adjust the settings properly if you are only striking the hotspot (LOGO)
    The LOGO needs to be at top..There are anti-rotation stoppers on all the cymbal arms.
    If you tap the boxed area underneath of the cymbal below the LOGO you'll see how loud/sensitive it is,that's where Alesis decided to put the Bow (35mm piezo) on all the cymbals.
    Directly opposite of the LOGO at the bottom of the cymbal is a bare tailed "membrane Switch".
    The switch covers almost 1/2 of the lower part of the cymbal.The lamination has a tendency to separate.
    I have replaced a number of these as they cannot be repaired and my kit's are out of warranty.
    If after correcting the Cymbal position you still have problems.

    Test the cymbal/zones
    MODULE > press VOICE...
    Select the trigger.For example..Crash 1 bow
    Turn the level all the way down to OFF..this turns off the Bow
    Then select Crash 1 Edge and turn the level all the way up..99.
    This will isolate each trigger zone.
    Do you hear a sound every time you hit the edge..or intermittent..?

    Then do the reverse.Turn off the Edge..turn up the Bow.

    If intermittent...adjust the settings first to determine if there is any improvement
    or if the trigger has failed and no sound at all it needs to be replaced..

    Here you adjust to your style of playing...and to remove unwanted triggering by other Triggers etc (Xtalk/Retrigger)

    CURVE This changes the overall response of the pad. Different settings will change the volume of the sample differently depending on how hard or soft you hit the pad.
    If you want a normal playing soft to hard cymbal select LINEAR.
    It's the best to test with as it is gradual.

    Adjust SENSITIVITY.(By increasing the sensitivity, the pad will trigger louder sounds with a softer hit and decreasing it will trigger softer sounds with a harder hit.)
    I think the defaults on all cymbals are.. Edge=30..Bow = 65..Ride Bow is a little higher.

    Adjust THRESHOLD (When increasing threshold, the drum pad won’t trigger a sound unless until it’s hit hard enough. If it’s set too low, however, you may experience the pad trigger on its own which is known as a ghost note.)

    Repeat for all the triggers..
    Turn the bow off/Edge level up..test/adjust settings for the Edge....
    turn the edge off/Bow level up test/adjust settings for the Bow..
    for drums turn the Head off/Rim level up..test/adjust settings for the Rim..
    turn the Rim off/Head level up test/adjust settings for the Head..
    Then balance out or set the levels as you like between them..even,more or less Edge/Bow..Head/Rim etc.

    After you have everything set to your playing style,if another trigger/voice fires while hitting another or you don't get a sound for every hit.
    (example hit the tom and hear a fast but don't hear a sound per hit) then you go into the TRIGGER settings and adjust XTALK/RETRIGGER.

    XTALK/CROSSTALK Changing the crosstalk affects how it responds to vibration when another pad near it is struck.
    Increasing this setting is especially helpful if you are a heavy hitter.

    RETRIGGER.This setting adjusts how quickly the trigger will respond to repeated hits. A higher setting will eliminate any hits immediately after the first intentional hit, and a lower setting will allow successive hits to come through. This is useful if you need to eliminate accidental hits, or if the trigger is not responding fast enough to quick playing.

    Don't Forget to SAVE.
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