All DM6 Tom and Snare sounds end with a fuzzy noise for a few seconds

Hi. I just bought a second hand DM6 USB from 2012. I have now discovered that I have the same problem as many of you have reported. When you hit a Tom you always get the same noise at the end (a few seconds), then the output is silent. The length of the noise period and the sound is exactly the same every time, but varies in tone characteristics and length between different Kits. I have interpreted it as like the sound output is turned on for say 7 seconds, but that the recorded sound file is only 3 seconds. The last four seconds the output of the sound generator is floating and susceptible to the noise of all internal digital circuits. I have made a recording with my phone
It is easy to hear that something is wrong. In the recording I hit Tom1 once with different Kits. The same problem exists with all Toms and with lesser extent with the snare and the kick. I guess that it depends on that the snare and the kick are damped, and therefore have a shorter “sound time”, but the Toms are not damped and are recorded for a longer time. When you look at the output on a oscilloscope you see that the output noise is rather high.
You can hear the noise on the cymbals too, but it is more difficult do discriminate. The sound of the Toms are good, the fuzzy sound starts after the decay of the Tom sound. The only solution I can come up with is to run the DM6 output thru a noise gate. Or do you think that something is broken and can be reparied? Well perhaps by corrrecting the firmware?
I have updated the firmware today (rev 06), but nothing got better.
I totaly agree with all others that say that the output line level and headphone level are way too low. I use good Bose and Sony headphones, with sufficient sensitivity.
Please note that the file is recorded in .amr format. The AVG player can play it.
Håkan in Uppsala, Sweden
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