Amplitube connection with Alesis IO hub

I have a camera connection kid to ipad, but when I connected to amplitube , software setting input section is cancelled, these is only audio output and it works, how can I use with input section for my guitar ?
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    It's likely the IO Hub is not getting the correct amount of power. In my experience, some Audio/MIDI devices will require the use of a powered USB hub for connectivity. 
    Many USB devices draw their power right from the USB cable that connects them to their host (a computer, iPhone, or iPad).  The iPhone or iPad can also supply power to connected USB devices.  The USB ports on computers supply 5V and 100mA-500mA of power.  However, through the course of several updates and revisions, Apple has decreased the amount of electrical power the iPhone or iPad is allowed to supply connected USB devices.

    This means that some devices that draw only a little power can survive off of what the iPhone or iPad supplies, but devices that require more power may not find the iPhone or iPad USB connection sufficient.  Furthermore, Apple can and has altered how much power iPhones and iPads can offer connected devices, so what may have worked in the past, may not necessarily work in the future.
    If the device you are connecting requires more power than the iPhone or iPad can supply, connect it to an AC powered USB hub.  Powered USB hubs have AC power adapters that connect them to an electrical socket on the wall.  This will help ensure any connected devices have enough power to operate.
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