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Ancient Tech: QSR from 1997

I'm using a yamaha g50 converter on my 4 string bass, midi in to QSR. With Mix 00 Gen midi, I can use all 4 strings simultaneously with full vibrato, et al effect. On any other sound program, mix or bank, even on 3 diff Q cards, only one string is playable at a time, though I can specify which one string with the midi ch button (2, 3, 4, 5 in this case). The midi pickup is for up to 6-string base using ch's 1-6.

I had this same rig a decade ago, but had to sell all but my hip hop q card. This ch issue was not a prob for me then, don't know why it is now. That the Gen Mix works strongly suggests the Yamaha side of things is transmitting properly. All split string functions are off on yamaha and qsr.

Hope there's another old geezer our there like me to lend a hand. Thanks!
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