Any Crimson 2 kick drum pedal recommendations?

My son's Crimson 2 doesn't come with a kick drum pedal for some reason. We bought one described as being compatible, but really it doesn't latch onto the lip of the drum stand sufficiently the way the old DM6 one did (we sold that whole kit on).

So, what does Alesis recommend using? Preferably one with carpet screws just like the kick drum itself. I can't believe others don't have this problem.
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  • Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for posting. 

    We recommend using a kick beater made of a hard material such as plastic, wood or metal when using a mesh kick pad.

    Felt beaters can be popular with electronic drum kits with rubber pads, but they should be avoided for use with mesh drum heads because the added friction from the felt can quickly wear down and puncture a hole in the mesh.

    I hope this helps!
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