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I’m Annoyed

Apply Strike Pro Module kit FX to instruments as they are loading, don't wait until after they are all loaded.

Currently (at least with firmware 1.2) when you change patches in the Strike Pro Module the kit FX are not applied until after all the samples are loaded. This is a poor decision since kits can take up to 30 seconds to fully load all samples. If you're trying to switch to an FX heavy kit, you won't experience the FX until much later, and at a random time.

There's conceivably no reason Alesis couldn't enable the kit FX immediately, and stream samples in to fill in velocity layers separately.

I haven't verified this, but there may also need to be an FX "trail" option when changing out of a kit with reverb or delay added so that the FX trails continue, but new hits are not run through those FX.
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