are all of the samples of single drums sr 18

Are there dual samples activated by velocity? I hit a snare sound and got a snare but when I hit it softer I got a hi hat!....velocity switching is normal in keyboards but I need to know if the sr 18 does that. It could just be cross talk with the pads!...When I changed the sound on the pad the switching stopped which made me think it was built into the sound. The sound it happened on is #105 ambient rim 1
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    Thanks for posting. Sorry for the delay. The pads on the SR18 are velocity sensitive. There are eight levels of pad volume resolution, from soft to loud. However, when using the SR18 as a drum sound expander and triggering sounds via MIDI, they respond to all 127 MIDI volume levels.

    Velocity Sensitivity describes how the pads will output sound depending on the applied velocity (i.e. how hard the pads are struck). This feature allows players with a heavier or lighter touch to customize the pad response to accommodate their particular playing style.

    To select the desired dynamic response, use the INC/DEC buttons, the VALUE dial or the number buttons (1 = Fixed 1, 2 = Fixed 2, 3 = Fixed 3, 4 = Fixed 4, 5 = Fixed 5, 6 = Fixed 6, 7 = Fixed 7, 8 = Fixed 8, 9 = Soft, and 0 = Loud). Note that the Medium setting can be selected only with the INC/DEC buttons or VALUE dial.

    Fixed volume plays back the associated drum sound at one of eight possible volume levels. With Fixed Volume 1, all drums assume the level of the softest possible tap, regardless of how hard you tap the pads. With Fixed Volume 8, all drums assume the level of the loudest possible tap, regardless of how hard you tap the pads. Fixed Volumes 2-7 provide the levels between the softest and loudest extremes, with lower numbers giving softer levels.

    I hope this helps!
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