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Are there time or size limits when importing to Alesis Strike MultiPad ?

Dear sir/madam, I'm thinking of buying an Alesis Strike MultiPad. Is it possible to import multiple play-along-tracks (let's say 10 tracks of 10 minutes each) as samples? Or is that too much and do have to take time limits or size limits into account? Looking forward to hearing from you. With kind regards, Richy.
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  • Hello, Richy 

    Thanks for posting! 

    Yes, you can definitely do this with the Strike Multipad. There is no file size limitation, you just can't edit the start and stop times of samples bigger than 30MB at this time but each User Kit can hold songs that are this long with no issue. So if you are exporting songs from a DAW, make sure you set your start and end times appropriately before importing them into a kit :)

    Hope this helps! 
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