I Live in the UK and I Need to Speaker to a an Agent in the UK for Support

I bought a DM10 studio kit and must say I've had nothing but trouble with it since day one. Things got so bad the brain had to be sent for repair and, as it was just outside the warranty, it ended up costing £150 to have it repaired. Did I say repaired? It came back in a worse state and had to be re-sent for examination. Weeks went by and frustrated I rang only to be told "Oh yes. We didn't find a fault and it's been ready to be returned for weeks. Didn't anyone contact you?" I eventually got it back and it still doesn't work properly. It cannot be rebooted The floor tom rim constantly triggers and sets off a crash. I cant change sensitivity or sounds of any of the pads...................the problems go on and on and I seriously regret ever buying an Alesis.
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