Audio Feedback only minimally on left side of headphones

Hi, yesterday I installed the ALESISmultimix4 USBFX and configurated it with Cubase. I want to record audiotracks and I need monitor feedback via the headphones that are plugged to the alesis interface. There are two ways: 1. when I press the buttom 'EXT/USB TO MAIN' on the interface, I can hear everything perfectly, however the click and everyhing esle that is monitored will be recorded too. 2. I monitor via cubase, then the recording works fine, but the click and everything else I want to hear is only with minimal volume on only the left side of the headphones. I have tried to adjust VST adio connections and control room settings, I have read manuals and watched turtorials but nothing seems to adress this problem. PLEASE HELP! Cheers Lukas
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  • Hi Lukas,

    Thanks for posting. 

    The first point you'd mentioned about your click and everything else being monitored and recorded is normal with this mixer. The MultiMix 4 USB FX will record and capture your recording as a single audio track. 

    Concerning the click track, does Cubase give you an option to change the panning or routing of the click/metronome? Do you experience this with a different set of headphones as well?
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