Bought brand new DM Lite but the Drum Module does not switch on!

I was able to have one brilliant go on my brand new DM Lite kit two days ago when it arrived. Today the Drum Module won't switch on. At all. I have not been on it since the initial time and it's been locked in a room, so I know nothing has happened to it.

Massively disappointed by this poor quality. I did not make this purchase lightly as it is a lot of money for me to spend, I expect it to work for that amount of money.

Where can I find help? There is no troubleshooting in the manual, is there a number to call for assistance?

I have checked all connections, reconnected the scart lead, tried different plug sockets...

Also, can't find reference to a factory reset button anywhere.

This is totally unacceptable for a brand new product; I want it fixed, replaced or refunded as swiftly as possible but have no idea how to achieve this.

Help please!
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