I’m p.o'ed thought the software issueswould be resolvedby6 months after new logic version, waiting to no install high sierra

can not make changes in vi49 editor and load into vi49 controller

does the vi49 editor work with mac OSX 10.12.6 I can get a preset from the keyboard ( using usb) but can not make any changes in editor and install back using logic X 10.3.2
i made a change in the editor and used save preset to hardware. Nothing changed could tell with daw showing midi input. Then I get preset from hardware and the change I had made is over written back to the original

I have been able to map logic to the keyboard directly, but I am having to use what ever commands are in thje controller, prefer mapping controller to logic not the other way around. Below asking how I feel about this don't have enough room, I very POed when I found there is no auto maping available for logic pro!

Thanks Keary Calman
(ps, I did like the software included , expandi 2!)
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