Cannot store changes on DM 10

Trying to help our drummer with some DM10 issues. Despite following the procedure in the manual to a T, I cannot seem to be able to store changes to user drum kits. Everytime I press store, it says, "Write Protected" and thats as far as I get. Any way to un-lock this?
Different problem: we are trying to get the DM 10 to follow program changes sent by an older Alesis D4 via a MIDI cable. The D4 is set up to send prog changes, the DM10 is set up to receive them, both units on ch 10. The DM 10 responds fine when a prog change is sent from my mac, but what we are really trying to do is to get the DM 10 to change/scroll thru kits by turning the big data knob on the D4 (same knob you change kits with on the D4). Why won't the DM 10 follow along? I am able to do this same trick via MIDI with a couple of my guitar amps; figured it would be possible with a couple of drum modules too. Any suggestions?
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