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Can't separate dual trigger pads into two MIDI notes

I'm using two drum pads, a Roland PD-8 and a Hart Accupad, both dual trigger pads. I'm using good TRS cables, and have tried both the PP and the PS settings under "Trigger Type". I'm still getting double note ons & note offs regardless of the retrigger setting. I even tried a TS cable, and STILL got two note ons/offs??!

This is my first experience with e-drums (and the Trigger IO and BFD3) so I'm probably missing something obvious.

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  • Hello David,

    Lets perform a factory reset to reset your parameters back to its factory settings. Power up the unit while holding down the Value Up and Value Down cursor buttons. This should reset it.

    How to change Trigger MIDI Note:
    1. Use the function up/down buttons to select Trig MIDI Note Number.
    2. To choose the trigger you wish to modify, just strike the trigger/pad. The display will alternate between showing the trigger’s current MIDI Note Number and MIDI Note Name.
    3. Select the desired MIDI Note Number, using the value up/down buttons to dial in the value. As you move through the choices, the value will be loaded automatically.
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  • Thanks, Chris, I did a factory reset (a couple of times). When I try to set the MIDI note number, all I can see is the first zone. No matter how I strike the head and rim I can not see the second trigger zone. On both my Accupad and PD8 if I set the MIDI note number for the head it's the same on the rim, and vice-versa. On top of that, I'm getting the double note-ons/note-offs (looking at the MIDI monitor window). This also happens with my hi-hat (Roland CY-5). Are there any settings I can change in OS X AudioMIDI? I'm using USB as my connection to the Mac.
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