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Can't switch between separate VIP instances on Alesis VX49 screen.

In a Cubase project I currently have 3 instances of VIP running, however the VX49 seems to just pick one at random to be the only one I can control. Selecting between the different tracks in Cubase allows me to choose which one the MIDI is inputted to, but the keyboard screen still displays the VIP settings for the other VIP instance, not the one that is currently being played.

Is there a way to choose which VIP instance I'm editing on the VX49 screen?
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  • Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Here's how you can switch VIP control from one instance to the next:

    1) Open the VIP instance you want to control and click on the 'paper-clip' looking icon in the top right corner: 


    2) On the VX49, press the MAIN button and press the right PAGE button (arrows below the display). This will display a list of all open instances of VIP. Simply use the scroll knob to select a different instance. 

    For full Multi control (mute, solo, volume control) simply press the Multi button on the VX49. Knobs will be volume, switches will be solo and pads will be mute. 

    It sounds like you would benefit more from organizing your patches in order in a setlist, though. If you haven't already, check out our video below: 

    This would allow your currently playing patch to fade out naturally after selecting the next patch in your list. With the right organization, you could avoid opening multiple instances of VIP in Cubase, which will help you save RAM. 

    I hope this helps!
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