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Command Mesh Kit Modul Powering Off While Playing

I have a command mesh kit with the advanced drum module. My power keeps turning off on its own. This is while I am playing on them. they lights on the front plate stay lit but there is nothing on the display. It actually says good bye then shuts off. Only way to turn it back on is to unplug the device. And after that it only stays on for a minute at the most.
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  • Check and see if the Auto Power is turned on..turn it OFF.
    It's not supposed to power off unless idle and set for 30 or 60 mins.

    "Auto Power: This feature sets the drum module to power off automatically if it is not used for a certain amount of time. You can set this to 30 minutes, 60minutes, or turn it off (Off)."

    If that doesn't help you may need to reset the module..there are 2 ways to do this.
    One allows just certain settings to be reset KIT > MENU > FACTORY RESET.
    The other is used when you can't access the module (frozen) and does a complete factory reset....
    Hold the < and > arrow buttons down simultaneously while powering on the unit.
    The screen should show "RST---" for one second.

    If turning the Auto Power OFF and the reset doesn't help then it probably needs serviced.
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  • Hello, Erik 

    Thanks for posting! 

    Sorry to hear you are having a tough time with your Command Mesh Kit module. What power supply are you using? Make sure you are using the proprietary power supply that came with the module, otherwise it may not boot up properly. If you are using the power adapter that came with this module I would recommend doing a factory reset.

    Hold the < and > buttons on the module while powering it on for a factory reset. 

    Let me know if this helps! 
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