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Connecting 2 Strike Modules via USB MIDI simultaneously

I have 2 Strike Pro kits that I have combined as one set and connected the two modules using the USB MIDI output to my PC. The problem is that two modules midi interfaces apparently conflict in Windows and I can't add them as midi device while both are connected to the PC. Is there a solution to use both at the same time via USB MIDI? I want to be able to use both modules at the same time and send midi notes to a Drums VSTi like Superior Drummer 3 or BFD3. Thanks
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  • Connect one module to the PC using USB...connect the second module to the first using a 5 pin midi cable from the midi out to the midi in on the first module.

    There isn't a midi/keymap for the STRIKE module for most of the software.
    You could start with a Midi/keymap for the DM10 and edit it or start from scratch.Depends on the software you are using.Majority of them comunicate on channel 10...standard for drums.
    Use the midi/keymap from the software you are using to figure out midi note/trigger assignments in advance.
    Once you figure out how you want the kit it's only a matter of assigning the midi.

    If you take the time to properly setup a keymap instead of just using omni channel and midi learn you'll eliminate a lot of frustration in the long run.

    1st module connected by USB...under Utility set midi thru to ON.
    set Midi channel to 10 and set midi note for each trigger to match the midi/keymap note per kit piece

    2nd module connected by 5 PIN MIDI DIN ..decide which trigger you want to use for the additional kit pieces..(Tom 5,6,7...Crash 4,5,6 etc)....
    set Midi channel to 10 and set midi note for each trigger to match the midi/keymap note per kit piece you decided on...same procedure as before.

    You'll need to do this for each trigger on both modules.
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    • Look under audio devices in the software you are using and see if both STRIKE modules are listed..I used 3 DM Docks in BFD3 using usb and they all showed under audio devices.
      You are still going to have to change midi note assignments in the second module.The software is receiving duplicate midi notes.
      The only way to avoid that is if you are using a DAW. then you load 2 instances of the Vst and assign different midi channels.
      For the STRIKE module I use the "new user kit" in the SD card to set up keymaps...it was specifically designed for a keymap for Toontracks etc.
      Set one up for module 1...then set another up for module 2 with different midi note assignments.You can do this for each software developer.
      Then when you want to use a specific software you just load that kit in each module..
    • When I connect both modules by USB, I can see that both devices are listed, but I can't select them, I get an error message that says the device is open and busy on another windows software, but when using only 1 module, there is no problem.
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