Connecting Alesis drums to Audio Interface

Hello, I am looking for the best way to connect my Alesis Nitro drums to my audio interface (Steinberg UR22MKII 2-Channel USB Interface). I know I can use a MIDI cable but am wondering if I should consider another cable. option. Not sure what other cable might work better or as well. Thanks
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  • Hello Tom, 

    Thanks for posting!

    The answer to your question depends entirely on what you are attempting to accomplish. 

    If you want to use your Kit to trigger software on your computer, you can connect it directly to your computer with a USB A/B cable, or connect it to a MIDI capable interface with a traditional 5-pin din cable.  Your interface has the appropriate ports to accomplish this.

    If you want to record the audio output of the module, you can connect the stereo output on the rear of the Nitro module to the audio inputs of your interface.

    I hope this helps! 
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