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Continuous rolling sound

I had DM 10 studio mesh kit and have a bad 2problems,
1-when I just plugged any piece or pad trigger i hear a roll sound of this piece while no one touch it that was happened after when midi recording,
2-No audio output sound,
Continuous calibration fail on turning on module,and disappear after ok button pressing
it is so ugly thing, and I tried reset module and changing cables more times and still sound found, please help me to fix this
Thank you
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  • Hello, Ahmed

    Thanks for posting! 

    Are you sure you are using the power supply that originally came with the unit? There are 2 reasons you would be getting a calibration failure, either your cable snake is not plugged in correctly to the module, or you are not using the right power supply. 

    These are the specs for the correct power supply:

    DM10 Studio : Power Adapter, 9VAC 1300mA - Pin Positive 110V(UL)

    ´╗┐Make sure you are using this power supply :) 

    Hope this helps! 
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