Copying the 2nd half of a fill

Hi, I am shortening some of the SR-18 patterns from 16 to 8 beats. What happens is I lose the last 8 beats of the fill which is where most of the fill occurs. Is there a way to copy the 2nd half of the fill ?
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  • Hi Alvin,

    Thanks for posting. 

    I believe you'll be able to do this by using step editing; more specifically, by deleting and replacing steps. Follow these steps below:

    Deleting a Step

    1. The SR18 should be in Step Edit Mode. 
    2. Use the Page Up/Down buttons to select the step number to be deleted. 
    3. Press and hold ERASE. You will then see a message on the display that reads "ERASE STEP?" 
    4. While continuing to hold ERASE, press REC (ENTER). The step will be deleted, and all subsequent steps are automatically re-numbered to reflect the deletion of the inserted step (e.g., what used to be step 06 is not step 05, what used to be step 07 is now step 06, etc.)
    5. Release the ERASE and REC (ENTER) buttons. 
    Replacing a Step
    1. The SR18 should be in Step Edit Mode.
    2. Use the PAGE UP/DOWN buttons to select the step number to be replaced. 
    3. Enter the new pattern number (with appropriate A or B, Fill, or User/Preset options). 

    Let me know how this goes. 
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