Create your own hi hat on Strike module?

I acquired an open box Alesis Strike module about a week ago, and am using it with my DM10X kit. It is such an awesome upgrade!! I feel like I'm playing on a pro-level kit now.

I have been a mad man finding sound files on line. Some free, some I have paid for as my goal is to get my electronic kit sounding as close as possible to my Pearl MMX acoustic kit. To this point I have everything I need but my hi hat. I used a 14" New Beat, and managed to locate and purchase the sound files for it. What I am not having any luck doing is turning those sound files in to a usable hi hat on the Strike Module. I have read the manual, and watched the Alesis Youtube videos where they say that info will be in another video, but I haven't been able to find that video. I complete understand using multiple .wav files, the Auto Mapping feature, but just can't seem to understand how to make it work with the instrument creator and the multiple dynamic range settings. It doesn't appear to match up to actually assigning a bow, edge, and foot sound when you assign voices. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me get this done. Thanks!
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