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I purchased a crimson II yesterday and am thrilled about the purchase; however, I have run into a small issue with the Aux in input. I set the kit up and everything was functioning properly, heads sound great, and sound came through clearly. I have been playing with Bose noise cancelling headphones.

The issue arose when I plugged my phone into the Aux in input and attempted to listen to music/play along to it. The music playing through my headphones is muffled, sounds as if it’s underwater, and has very poor, scratchy quality. The drums themself however sound fine - which leads me to believe this is an issue with the Aux in input.

I’ve tried a different Aux cord, tried playing with how the cord fit, restarting the power, etc. to no avail.

I have seen a few other posts on this topic but I have not been able to find any definitive answer/solution to the problem. If someone could either point me to the correct post or let me know what the solution is, it would be much appreciated!

Overall still happy with the purchase and know this is a problem that can be fixed - just have to figure out how! :)

Thank you!
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  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for posting. Congratulations on your Crimson II purchase! :)

    When you're playing your drums without the auxiliary device connected, does the audio still sound muffled life it does with the auxiliary device connected? What kind of cable are you using to connect your auxiliary device? If you're using a cable that has a TRRS connection (or if the cable has a remote or microphone on it), this can cause your audio to sound poor like this. For this type of connection, you will need to pull the cable out slightly in order for the audio to sound normal. That being said, we only recommend using a TRS cable when using your module with an auxiliary device. 

    If you haven't already, I would also suggest performing a factory reset on your module as well. Follow these steps below to perform a factory reset on your module:

    1. Press Kit to enter the Kit Selection page (if you are not already viewing it).
    2. Press Menu to enter the Kit Menu.
    3. Use the Down and Up buttons to select Factory Reset, and then press Enter.
    4. Use the Down and Up buttons to select which settings you want to return to the defaults.
    5. Kit (only the user kits)
    6. Song (only the user songs)
    7. Voice (only the user voices)
    8. Trigger Settings (all trigger settings)
    9. All (all of the above).
    10. When All data will be lost! Enter or Exit? appears in the display, press Enter to continue or Exit to cancel.
    11. Wait a minute while the module restores its default settings. After Reset OK! appears on the display, the default settings are restored.
    12. Press Exit to return to the previous page

    I hope this helps!
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