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Crosstalk from my Control Pad

Hola tengo una alesis control pad.. de un dia para el otro arranco con un problema y no lo puedo solucionar ni con tecnicos... le pego a un pad y suena junto con otro haci con todos ejemplo. le pego al 1 y su ena el 1 y 3 le pego al 2 y suena 2 y 4 haci con todos por favor ayuda
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    Hello, I have an alesis control pad .. from one day to the next I start with a problem and I can not solve it with technicians ... I hit a pad and it sounds along with another one with all examples. I hit the 1 and its ena the 1 and 3 I hit the 2 and sounds 2 and 4 did with all please help


    Thanks for posting about your legacy Control Pad. 

    On any electronic percussion pad, all of the pads can hear the strikes made to all of the other pads. Because of this, playing harder than necessary will increase the likelihood of unintended pads triggering. The number you set the Sensitivity to determines how hard the pads must be hit on the Control Pad before a samples triggers. A lower number requires the pads to be hit harder before a sample is triggered. The higher the Sensitivity is set, the lighter the force required to trigger. We recommend setting the Sensitivity to a value of 2. This should allow you to play effectively without triggering other pads unintentionally (crosstalk). 

    Follow these steps to change the sensitivity:

    1) Select the pad or trigger you would like to edit by striking it. 
    2) Press the Function button until the LED next to Sensitivity turns on. 
    3) The current Sensitivity level for the pad will be displayed. 
    4) Use the Down and Up buttons to select a Sensitivity value. As you move through the choices, the value will be loaded automatically. 

    You may also want to change the surface you are playing on - try a snare stand or percussion mount. f you're using the Control Pad on a flat surface such as a table, you may experience increased crosstalk. As indicated above, setting the Sensitivity at 2 should prevent this for the most part, but some surfaces or situations may not be ideal to play on. The Alesis Control Pad is an entirely self-contained electronic percussion instrument that can be affected by excessive vibration. For performing, most players position Control Pad in a typical snare drum stand or percussion mount. This greatly reduces vibration and also makes the Control Pad easy to integrate into your existing percussion setup. 

    I hope this helps!
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