I’m furious.

Customer service never helped i bought my dm10 x new and it never worked

i bought an alesis dm10x in 2015 and it never worked and the customer service was never able to help answer us back or anything. the module distorts sound, there is alot of cross talk and some triggers dont work.
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. Sorry you're having issues with your DM10.

    Can you please provide me with some more information? What do you mean when you say the module "never worked"? Under what circumstances is the sound distorted, and which triggers are you having issues with not working? 

    Every time you strike a pad, the entire kit vibrates.  Vibrations travel through the rack and can sometimes trigger other pads.  This tendency is called 'cross-talk', and due to the physical nature of drums, it is unavoidable (even on an acoustic kit).

    The DM10 module comes prepared with a Crosstalk (or Xtalk) setting.  A more accurate description of this setting would be "crosstalk compensation", as there really isn't a way to prevent  the physical tendency for vibrations to travel.  This setting, however, uses an algorithm to separate intentional hits from unintentional crosstalk triggers; the result, when tweaked correctly, is that you only hear the sounds you want to hear.

    Most often these settings do not need to be adjusted.  In most cases when these settings need to be adjusted, you may be experiencing pads that are cancelling each other out and missing hits.  This is where the Cross-talk settings become important.  Simply adjusting the Xtalk settings from 7 to somewhere in the middle will resolve the symptom.

    To learn more about the DM10's Crosstalk settings and how to adjust them, follow the steps suggested below.

    1. From the main screen, press the EXT TRIG button.
    2. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the Input field.
      Once the Input field is highlighted, use the VALUE/TEMPO dial to choose the trigger you want to adjust.
      (ie. If you would like to adjust the main head area of the snare drum, choose SnrHd. If you want to adjust the snare drum rim area, choose SnrRim, etc.)
    3. Press F2 (TRIG).
      At this point you will notice two or three "Xtalk" settings depending upon which trigger you currently have selected.
      • Xtalk Rcv - describes the trigger's tendency to be triggered when an adjacent pad is struck.
      • Xtalk Snd - describes the trigger's tendency to cause adjacent pads to trigger when struck.
      • ZoneXtalk - affects how likely a dual-zone trigger is to cause crosstalk upon itself (ie - the Ride bell and Ride bow).
    4. Each setting can be adjusted from 0 - 7.
      Here is where it might get a little tricky. 
      • Since the setting is really 'Crosstalk Compensation', the higher the value, the less likely the pad is to send or receive any crosstalk.
      • Try to find the right balance (usually somewhere in the middle) with any problem pads, as well as their surrounding pads that are sending crosstalk.  It may be tempting to simply turn these settings all the way up; however, remember that the module is already using a smart algorithm to try to compensate for normal crosstalk.  If you turn it all the way up, you may find that it mistakenly mutes some of your strikes, writing them off as cross-talk.
    5. Once you have adjusted the Crosstalk settings, don't forget to save your settings by following the steps below.

    Write Protection Once you have adjusted all the settings above to where they are perfect for your style of play, you are going to want to Save these settings so that when you power off and power back on the DM10 module, you don't need to do it all again.  However, there is a Write Protection setting that is defaulted on when you first purchase the kit which ensures that any changed settings cannot be stored.  You need to turn off the Write Protection before saving your adjustments.

    To turn On/Off the Write Protection, follow these steps:

    1. Press the UTILITY button.
    2. Press F4 (SYS).
    3. Press F3 (O/S)
    4. Press F4 (MEM).
    5. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the WritProt field and then turn the VALUE/TEMPO dial to toggle the selection to OFF.
    6. Press the STORE button.  The screen will show the message, "Store Settings?".  Choose F1 (YES).  This will store any settings you have changed during this session with the module.
    7. Press the DRUM KIT button to return to the main page.
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