Distortion After Turning On The DM10X Mesh Kit

I purchased a DM10X Mesh kit two months ago to practice on. However, I noticed that when I turn the kit on, and hit the bass and several ride toms, there is much distortion in the output. I have to turn it off and then on to stop it. Anyone else have this?
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  • Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for posting! I'll be happy to help!

    Have you tried tested with multiple sets of cables? Are you using TS or TRS cables? You may need to adjust the levels of the voices within your kit. Below are the steps that will walk you through how to do this:

    Additionally, let's have you adjust your sensitivity and threshold settings:

    A lot of times, adding compression can boost your volume to undesirable levels, as well. Check to make sure this is either disabled, or not set too high. 

    1. Press DRUM KIT to go to the Main Screen.
    2. Press EDIT INST. The top of the screen will show the number and name of the Kit whose effects you will be editing.
    3. Select FX (F4).
    4. Select any of the options at the bottom of the LCD using the F-BUTTONS. Use CURSOR UP / DOWN to move through the menu items and VALUE UP / DOWN or the VALUE DIAL to adjust the settings:

      COMP (Compression):

      Type: The kind of compression applied. To disable the dynamic processor on the Kit, select "OFF."
      Compress (Compression): The compression ratio applied to the signal from the Kit.
      Out Level (Output Level): The Output level of the compressor. This parameter is useful for boosting the Kit's signal if its volume has decreased due to the compressor. 
    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!
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