DM 10 not triggering while other toms are played

Brand New DM10 Studio Mesh kit, in a studio. When playing two toms at the same time continuously one inevitable drops out. The same with the second crash cymbal. Hit the bass drum and the crash cymbal at the same time in rapid succession the bass drum or the crash cymbal will miss triggers????

This has made tracking in the studio impossible. Tried all the velocity and retrigger suggestions. This is just a defect. What now?
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  • Tom 4 is pluged into perc 3,
    Crash 2 is plugged into Perc 2(I believe).

    So if you go into trigger settings and hit tom 4 when you wheel to perc 3 you will see an input meter verifying that you have found tom 4. (I think it is perc 3 head)

    ANYWAY, there is a setting called CROSSTALK receive. No freakin idea what it does but when I set it to 0 tom 4 stops dropping out when I play another tom at the same time.

    I tried the same with perc 2 or whatever the 2nd crash was and I will do it to the bass pedal if that drops out. I am very relieved!!!
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