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I am considering purchasing a DM Dock but as I don't have an ipad want to check it will work using an eKit only. I have addictive drums on my PC so I'm really only looking for something that I can use to pass the signals on to my PC for recording purposes. What attracted me to this product is both the midi and USB outputs and additional inputs compared to other products. The sub £100 price is also a massive plus.
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  • The DM Dock works very well as a TMI (Trigger to Midi Interface)
    I recommend you get an iPad.
    You can pickup a 1st generation cheap these days .
    You will need it to adjust inital trigger settings and you can assign the midi notes out to match the software you are going to use as majority of developers haven't setup a keymap(midi map) for the DM Dock.You can remove the iPad after initial setup as the DM Dock stores the settings.

    I have successfully chained 3 to use in larger software programs including BFD3 where you can build 60 piece kits and each DM Dock could have different midi note mappings.
    Also as a standalone the DM Dock weakness is the Hi Hat.There is no Hi Hat calibration.I found it works well with the Alesis ReaHat (variable/continuos) but there isn't much in the way of adjustment.You can work it all out if you're using Vst/drum software etc.
    I was hoping over time there would be updates and improvements after the initial release..other than a quick setup guide for the DM Dock no manuals/user guides were ever released for the DM Dock or the DM Touch app and just 1 update (2014)for IAP and IAA, Apple kept changing iPad sizes,so for the most part nothing more was ever done,support never materialized and the app became abandonware which is too bad as the DM Dock had potential and DM Touch app had a server built into it for downloading new samples/kit pieces ...sharing trigger settings etc but was never implemented
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