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DM10 Hi-Hat Problem After Firmware Update

I haven't updated my firmware since early 2013, my DM10 Studio Kit has been working okay. Recently decided to give the latest firmware updates, DM10 Firmware Updates 08052014, a go and now my hi-hat won't work correctly. Basically when I close it, it will produce a very abrupt and very loud hi-hat splash noise. It's as if it's producing the splash noise and then muting itself immediately. I can't get it to produce the nice "chick" noise when closing at all, rendering my hi-hat completely useless for barking. To be clear, it's kind of like this problem, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R1oE..., except it's like the splash and the "chick" noise are played at the same time and the splash gets muted immediately by the "chick" noise. I've tried hi-hat calibration, I've tried restoring all kits/sequences/triggers to factory default (bye-bye settings), I've tried doing the update again, nothing seems to be working.
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