DM10 mkii Pro Bass Drum Issue

I have had a DM10 mkii Pro for about 6 months and have recently discovered an issue with the bass drum, hopefully someone can help...

I managed to put a hole in the bass drum skin so initially covered the hole with an Evans patch which worked fine but because there was a dent in the large foam pad underneath the patch kept coming undone. I ordered a replacement mesh skin but it’s taking literal months to arrive so as an interim solution I rotated the torn skin and moved the patch; this worked fine for several weeks but last night the sensitivity of the bass drum took a dive and it started missing beats. I took the skin off again and there are no loose wires, plus the sensor underneath registers when you touch it but it seems as if it’s lost it’s stickiness.

When I put the skin back on the drum works ok but I’m wondering if it’s the lack of adhesion that is causing the issue? Is it just moving away from the skin? Does it just need glued on?

Thanks for any help!
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