DM10 MKII Studio snare ripped mesh head after < 2 weeks.

I upgraded from an old DM6 to a DM10 MKII Studio kit late January, and in less than 2 weeks my snare mesh head has ripped. I don't think I'm playing overly aggressive on the kit, and I'm using a couple of pairs of new, nylon tipped 5A sticks. I'm a bit surprised at this since my DM6 has survived multiple years without issue and I've only played this kit a handful of times (it's awesome, by the way!).

I placed an inquiry via the "contact support online" section of the other day and haven't heard anything back from them. This is something that would fall under the warranty, correct?

Also, as soon as I noticed the issue I stopped playing the kit. Is there a risk of damaging the triggers in the drum if I play with the ripped head?

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