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DM10 Module: Failed Inputs Help

My DM10 module is out of warranty. The Ride and Tom1 inputs have failed. The Snare input will misfire spontaneously when anything is plugged in to the Snare input. Tom2 Rim fires constantly unless the rim trigger sensitivity=0.
Are there any tutorials on troubleshooting/fixing these inputs? I can solder well and understand electronics so I would rather not pay to send in my unit for repair. It would be nice to have some help even though I know DIY is discouraged. It is either fix this myself, or put the money for repairs toward a roland td-30 unit. I am sorry Alesis, but I am not keen on buying a new out-dated DM10.

I have initialized the unit, updated etc. All the canned response actions have been taken to no avail.

Any thoughts?
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  • Hey Joshua,

    Thanks for your post! Since this sounds like a hardware related issue, only our authorized repair technicians will know how to properly fix these symptoms. If you reach out to the Alesis support team, they would be able to provide you with the information on our authorized service centers. I understand you may not want to pay for repairs, but if you contact our service centers, they may be able to at least give you an estimate on repair costs. The Alesis support number and email contact can be found through this page: http://www.alesis.com/support
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