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DM10 Pro X hi-hat compatibility with Strike Pro Module

I would like to know if the DM10 Pro X Hi Hat is compatible with the Strike Pro Module. I tried it an it sort of worked, but not well. The controller cable is TR and I’m not sure if this is correct. The Hi Hat cable is TRS, but doesn’t work if pushed all the way in. Pull back a bit and you can get it to work. However, it’s not great. When pushing the top hat down on the lower hat there is a lot of odd sounding noise. Help!

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  • Hello, Pete

    Thanks for posting! 

    No, the only HH controller that should be used is the one that came with the Strike Pro Kit. They are similar but not the exact same, the firmware on each module is also different so they will behave differently. You can use the pads of the DM10 on the Strike Kit, but you will experience some odd behavior with the HH controller.

    Hope this helps! 
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