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DM10 Studio and upgrades

A little background. I currently play a Yamaha 9000 kit w/ 26" Bass 18/19" crashes and 24" ride. I am older now and no longer play out in public and am looking to downsize but still play my music. I have found the DM10 kits used for really reasonable prices and as a first foray into the electronic world, I think it will suite me well.

My questions are in durability, expandability and upgrading. If I like the electronic aspect of these drums I would like to not only be able to expand and add components but potentially upgrade to something like the strike pro heads and even cymbals down the road, without buying a completely new kit. Looking on Reverb I see used components for reasonable prices (I am retired now so that is important). Any real world info anyone can provide on this would be great.

Thank you.
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  • Hello, John

    Thanks for posting! 

    If you are looking to expand a drum kit I would recommend going straight for the Strike Kit. It shares the same module as the Strike Pro Kit it just comes with fewer pads and cymbals. If you purchase a DM10MKII Pro Kit, you will have maxed out the pads and cymbals on the kit. Strike pads can work with different modules but some times there are small limitations as far as dialing in the trigger parameters, which is why we recommend customers use the pads that originally come with our module(s). 

    Maybe some other forum members can chime in with their experience :)

    Hope this helps! 
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