DM10 Studio Kit - HiHat chick sound, please go away.

If there's one thing I have always hated about this kit, it's the hihat. Not the cymbal or controller, the calibration & trim. It seems that no matter what I do, I always get the "chick" sound when I close the hihat. I want to get a nice close sound but the chick always happens and it seems louder. An example would be the hihat in Hotel California, the "mirrors on the ceiling" section. I have applied the latest updates, calibrated the pedal and tried adjusting the trim to 40 open, 60 closed as suggested in this community, which seems to be impossible. I adjust open to 40 but when I dial closed past 40, both open and closed increase. I can't go back to open and dial it down either. If I could get that chick sound to go away, I'd be a happy guy. I used to have a Roland TD6 and a CY5 hihat pad and never had that problem.

Pardon me if my technical terms like "chick" are incorrect. I am a total amateur, self taught drummer with Parkinson's Disease and I use drumming as therapy.
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