I’m frustrated beyond belief >:(

DM10 Studio Snare Arm Keeps Coming Loose

So while playing the kit, the snare arm (part H in the manual) starts to come out of the socket (the 2nd from the bottom on part A) and unless I stop and unscrew the socket and place the arm back into the socket and re-tighten it, then the arm will completely fall out.

I've read this post here, and the response that was given, didn't really solve anything. And to answer the question there: Yes, I was able to do that, I assembled the kit according to the instructions, but Part H still falls out.


It's really annoying having to deal with this, it makes it virtually impossible to play through more than a few songs without having to completely reinstall Part H. And I can't think of all the takes I've had ruined because my snare arm falls down onto the floor.

And the even worse part is that no matter how much I tighten the L rod joints, the whole arm of H comes out, so the drum itself is extremely strudy, but Part H refuses to stay in it's socket.
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