I’m Confused and a little angry.

Dm10 Trigger/module Delay?

DM10 Studio,

Never had an issue with anything else with this kit, cross talk settings work just fine, triggers have plenty of dynamic range.

However I'm getting a substantial delay between triggering and sound, whether it be through midi, or from my L/R outs, thus making it impossible to play along to anything :/ any one wanna help me out? are they some settings I'm missing? (no its not my interface, I have tested with a lot of other gear and had nothing even close to that happening, also rules out buffer size (of interface) )

Note: when I say latency I mean the time its taking before my DAW recognizes either the triggered sample, or the midi note, not a playback issue, which leads me to believe the DM10 is sending late / not responding to triggers quick enough.
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