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When using my DM10x kit, every tom that I strike has a different sound

Purchased Alesis DM10x. It appears that every tom that I strike has a different sound. I just need a full drum set sound. Cant seem to find it. :-(
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    Researched and resolved issue: (Mine was set to studio set... changed to dm10x)

    You need to Press Utility.
    Press F4 (SYS).
    Press F2 (INIT).
    Then highlight the "All Triggers" ..... "THEN ALSO" use the Value/Tempo knob to reveal the DM10X kit highlighted (it's hidden until you use the V/T knob to reveal it)
    *Note: for the Studio kit you need to highlight the Studio Triggers.
    Press F4 (EXEC).
    Press F1 to answer yes to the question about resetting the triggers.
    Press Drum Kit.

    Once you've reinitialize the triggers to the DM10X kit this way, it will all go back to original DM10X trigger operation, with all the 100 original kits working properly.
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