DM5 triggers suddenly changed sounds and will not keep reset sounds.

I have a DM5 set that I have had now for about 8 years. It has set up in the same spot for the entire time I have owned it. I have added one tom and two cymbals to the original set. It is used in church and has been played practically every week I have owned them. Now to the reason for this post .... Recently while being played in the middle of a song, three of the triggers suddenly changed sounds - drastically. The rim trigger, one tom, and one cymbal. Two of them seem to have the same sound while the other is a strange techno type sound. I have retuned them to the desired sound and stored the set. They do fine until I turn off the module and then turn it back on. The sounds go back to the weird stuff at that point. I finally decided to set it all back to factory sets. I followed the instructions in the manual. The digital read-out shows the correct set but the sounds do not change from the weird stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this and how to fix it? Thanks. Gary
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  • Hi Gary,

    Thanks for posting! While the DM5 is a legacy product, I'll do the best I can to help!

    Let's have you try performing a factory reset, as this can typically resolve a lot of problems like this. To do this:
    1. Hold the DRUM SET button and press STORE. The display will read "Recall Set Into."
    2. Turn the VALUE knob to select the factory Drum set to be recalled (00-20).
    3. Press the Play button once and turn the VALUE knob to select the Drum Set memory to recall the Drum Set into.
    4. Press STORE to recall the selected factory Drum Set into the selected Drum Set memory location. Please note that recalling a preset permanently erases and replaces the Drum Set in the location you select. Only recall a preset into a Drum Set location you are sure you don't want to keep.
    Additionally, double-check that you do not have any of these sounds present within your kit:

    Let me know how this goes!
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