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DM6 Floor Tom Buzz / Fuzz after strike ?

Has anybody yet have even a shred of close proximity concerning a solution to this issue? My Floor Tom (only), Tom 3 on the Alesis DM6 Kit; has a kind of a Buzz / Fuzz noise after I strike it! Firmware has been upgraded, This did nothing productive that "I" can hear! Factory reset with the On Switch and hold +/_ down has done nothing productive either - that "I" can hear!

Has "anybody - anywhere in the world - at anytime" - who has sent a part out for repair (having this problem) received a satisfactory solution on the issue, upon the return of serviced item?

Or; do I just have to live with it? Please somebody "end this thread" with an "honest answer!" Preferably somebody from Alesis!

Thank You Very, Very Much! Arrrrrrg! <!@$#%^>
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