I’m disapointed

DM6 Hi-hat not triggering of soft hits


I bought a DM6 usb kit the other day and find that the hi-hat is not triggering on soft hits. The same strength hit on any of the other two cymbals triggers, but the hi-hat does not. This results in me having to hit the hihat hard every time, which is makes a lot of noise.

I have tried swopping the cymbals: the original hi-hat plugged into the other ports triggers on soft hits, but then the other cymbals plugged into the hi-hat port does not trigger on soft hits. So the problem is with the level on the hi-hat in the module.

The hi-hat also only has a small area that triggers when played. You have to hit directly above the sensor.

How do I increase sensitivity of the hi-hat in the module?

This is not a volume problem.
The firmware will not update - error message. But the kit is new (2016) it should be on v06.
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