Why aren't I recieving MIDI signal with the DM6 on windows7 and Cubase 5?

i have dm6 without logo USB but there are one, i works on win7 and cubase 5
my computor recognize an "e-drum", cubase recognize an "e-drum" on VST instrument but there are no midi signal please help thanks
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  • Hello Ben,

    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help! Try reinitializing the unit. Power it on, while holding the + and - buttons. This will restore the factory settings, erasing any recorded data or changed settings, including User Kits, the User Pattern, and any volume, metronome, or Voice settings, which will return to their defaults.

    Here are the MIDI assignment on the DM6 module:

    Kick C1 24
    Hihat F#1 30
    Crash C#2 37
    Ride D#2 39
    Snare D1 26
    Snare Rim E1 28
    Tom1 C2 36
    Tom2 A1 33
    Tom3 G1 31

    Try a different USB cable and port on your computer. Preferably, use a 2.0 USB port.
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