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DM6 Won't Be Recognized On Computer

Hello, I recently just bought a DM6 and I am wanting to hook it up to my computer. I plug the USB cable into the module and then into my computer. I have tried every port possible that is on the computer but no luck. I keep getting the same message every time. It just keeps saying "Windows does not recognize this device." and it just doesn't do anything else. I get on MIDI-OX just to check and make sure and i says 1 Input Device and also 1Output Device but when I open the Midi Devices options, it doesn't show up as e-drum like it should. I have literally tried just about everything. I have no idea what to do! I have looked at other threads and have tried them, including the firmware update but it won't even open that because it says something about me not having the right access to the updater. What can I do? Any help would be grealty appreciated!
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