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DM6 versus windows 8.1

Hi, I've searched for this problem in many foruns on the internet and found out that I'm not the only one with this problem. Just got a DM6 Session and I tried to connect through the USB and I am using ACID Pro 7.0 or Cubase 7 to use the VST plugin Toontrack EzDrummer in my Asus notebook but without sucess.

I've done everything right - as far as I know.
- the DM6 is in the GM mode (pattern - - N)
- Windows recognize the device as e-drum in differente USB ports and says the device are working just fine.
- In both programs they see the midi input e-drum as a valid input, but i hit the pads and got nothing
- I've tried to update the USB Audio drivers with the links from dropbox - I think - that someone from Alesis posted in another topic, but windows 8 says that the best drivers are already installed. Do I ignore it?
- I've tried to update the DM6 firmware, but the process stucks and gets stall at 0% (even running the program as an administrator).
- No other USB is used during the process.

Another thing - I was using EDrumMidiMapper to see if the midi signal was all right. And there's a option to 'hit the pad' so I can trigger as I like. I got the message "hit the pad now", and I hit the whole drum kit and got nothing.

Is it possible that the cable is the issue?

Help me.
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