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DM7X Crosstalk issue Tom 3

I don't even have tom 3 plugged into my Alexis DM7X but it continues to sound over and over no matter what drum I hit... I did some research and I believe it is some type of crosstalk... also when I try to adjust utilities for the kick drum it press the tom 3 utility rather than the kick... I need help please
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  • Hi Dominic,

    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help. Let's have you try the following:

    • Perform a factory reset by holding the < and > arrow buttons simultaneously while powering on the unit. The screen will show "RST---" for one second and then the module will restore back to the factory default settings and be ready to use.
    • Adjust your pad sensitivity, threshold, and crosstalk by hitting the pad whose settings you want to adjust. You may also adjust these settings by pressing its corresponding Pad Select button. Press Utility, then press Page/Select until the desired setting appears in the display. Sensitivity is indicated by SEN, Threshold = THR, and Crosstalk = CRO. Use the < and > buttons to adjust the value. To save your settings, press Save.
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    • Never overlook the Basics! Check your Cables! Any Hiss? or; Hum? Everything Tight with correct connections? Correct Power Supply? and a surge protected, grounded outlet? If all these basics are ok! Follow Bill's instructions. If these basics are not covered, then; Bill's instructions probably will not work! I would check all I said, if OK - Factory Reset then go with Bill's Plan!
    • Thanks for helping out :)
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