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dm7x double pedal problem response solution

If you have the dm7x kit/module, and you have the double pedal set up, but you are having problems with the response ,I have a solution that might help you.

Ok let's get this straight, you have it set up right, you have went through all the settings under ulity. But You kick those pedals but one doesn't trigger half the time or not at all?

Possible solution: if you still have a tom 4 slot available on the back of your module, (you have a 5 piece kit) use your basic 1/4 guitar cord and plug that into one pedal, and plug the other end into the tom 4 slot.Then change that sound to whatever sound you have set for your other kick pedal.You will have to mess with volume and sensitivity settings etc to get both pedals to sound the same.
I hope this helps :)
That's what I had to do and it works great!
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