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Dm7x kit enhancing

I have a DM7x kit (that I am fairly happy with) & am looking to upgrading it (so to speak) with as much extra functionality as I can -- especially if it is easy to do so. Does anyone have any pointers to general survey articles for this kit (or web links Etc.)? I would be glad to also go into a music store for their research, but it seems there are so many types of e-hardware etc., that I would just get tossed back onto my own research. So I'm looking for general articles for DM7x, above all... Thanks
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  • Hello, Smyrnite1

    Thanks for posting! 

    If you have already used the Crash 2 and Tom 4 trigger ports on this Module you would not be able to add any more additional pads or cymbals. If you wanted to upgrade from this kit, I would recommend a Command Mesh Kit :) It will have bigger and pads and they will be Mesh not FSR triggered amongst a few other improvements.

    You will have not more pads and cymbals than this kit but they will be better quality and you will have more built-in sounds. 

    Here is a link in case you were interested:
    Hope this helps! 
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