DM8 high hat problem

My high hat pedal works in the open and closed position, but is reacting intermittently with the pedal triggering. Tapping and quickly releasing the pedal should give an open ring sound, while tapping and holding briefly should give the muted closed ring sound. This is consistent about 60% of the time. Often these two styles of using the pedal is randomly interchanged, as if the module doesn't recognize the difference in pedal play. ex. when playing with a pedal trigger (not using the sticks on the hats symbols, just the pedal) for a closed, muted ring you might get 5-10 consistent closed rings, and then it will throw in a random open ring. This also happens the reverse way, where tapping and releasing the pedal for an open ring will give you a sound as if you tapped and held the symbols closed.

The pedal will also miss a beat, ie you trigger and nothing happens. The cut out is never more than one beat so it is not consistent with a cord problem which would cut out for random lengths of time. Changing the trigger settings doesn't seem to make a difference. It sounds a lot like a pedal issue, but are such issues reported with firmware and software upgrades? or fixable with factory resets? If not, how do I go about ordering parts?
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