DM8/DM10 Aftertouch Choke and Velocity Switches

Is there any hope that these drum modules will get velocity sensitive switch zones and aftertouch choke?

These changes would be programmatically very simple so I'd imagine the only reason for not doing it is if somebody somewhere thinks these things are better the way they are...
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  • OK, I'm getting the impression that this question is just being ignored. But I'd really like to know if there's a chance that this switch handling will be addressed.

    With velocity sensitive switch zones, edge sounds + choke on cymbals - any and all cymbals not just crash 1 and ride 1 and a proper decaying choke rather than the abrupt cut off we currently have, these modules would be great. But without these basic features, these modules really can't be taken seriously.

    Please let me know the likelihood of these changes happening.
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