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DM8 Module: no sound, calibration Fail error + strange AC-DC power adapter...

I bought a DM8 pro kit. The DM8 module always shows a "Calibration Fail" error at start (without any connection of course). The module produces absolutely no sound. If i put the volume to the max, I can ear far far away a tiny distorded sound (while playing a sequence). I also still have a "ground" buzz sound in the headphone (Bose QC15). All other electric instruments work fine.

Perhaps a clue: I live in Europe/France and the Power Supply shipped with the DM8 module looks very strange : "MASCOT" DC 9V Max 1A. I own a QS6 synth and the Power Adapter is an Alesis one... Do you see something wrong here?
Last but not the least, the DM8 module DC input connector displays: 9V 1.3A. It looks like there's a lack of power here, no? In fact: 11.7 W required by the module vs 9 W max for the shippped DC adapter
--> -30% of power... is it sufficient to disturb the sound module?

As you can imagine, the first contact with the DM8 is a nightmare...
Thx for your quick feedbacks!
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